Freedom Jazz Collective @ The Go Factory – Friday, May 25, 2012

Eight members of Trepanning Trio are performing in the Freedom Jazz Collective this Friday.

The Freedom Jazz Collective is a Free Jazz experiment. An ongoing series of concerts, exploring mass improvisation. This performance will feature a cross-section of Cleveland’s avant-improv community. The musicians will be split into three separate sections by their instrument type (horns, drums/percussion, strings/keyboards) and each section will have a conductor that will introduce musical “events” into the section’s improvisation. These “events” will in turn influence the other sections and the overall sound of the larger mass improvisation. The sections will be prepared independently of each other but will perform together as one large orchestra for the first time the night of the concert. This experiment will be conducted by Cleveland musicians: Dan Wenninger, David Mansbach, and Kyle Farrell. The next concert will take place on Friday, May 25th at the Go Factory located at 1936 W. 96th off of Madison. 3rd floor. Use the door near the street just inside the fenced in parking lot. This event is free but donations to AllGoSigns will be graciously accepted. BYOB.

Opening the evening will be “Music of Part, Ligeti, Latkovich & Latkovich“, a solo piano performance by Trepanning Trio’s own Peggy Latkovich.  Doors open at 8:00PM.  Music starts at 9:00.

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